About A Glass Eye and Three Wooden Legs

 About me

My passion for exploring new regions and creating new images of the world is surpassed only by my love for the land itself and that tenuous visual panorama we call 'landscape'.
My interest and my continual need for the natural world is the element which most strongly defines my life and has influenced my creative endeavors for many years.
My fascination with urban night photography and heritage photography is part of my continually evolving relationship with the landscape and the depiction of such through the camera.
I have spent years living in and photographing the natural landscape and consider myself to be primarily a landscape photographer. I see streetscapes, buildings and modified environments as merely another aspect of the landscape.

I seek primarily to explore the world around me and depict the moods it inspires.

I use a large format 5"x4" view camera to get the highest quality images possible. Large format photography requires a slow, contemplative approach to image capture which best suits my attitude towards the landscape.

I consider myself a print maker as much as a photographer and the digital inkjet process has, for me, opened up a whole new level of precision in the craft of image making.

My first solo exhibition 'Peripheral - Images of Regional Victoria' was shown at The Goat Gallery in Natimuk in December 2011 to great success. Contact me if you would like to see the Peripheral Gallery Page.

I am currently living in Tumut, NSW

Feel free to contact me on (Aus) 0476 515 750.

Steve Hall



Solo Exhibition; Natimuk Cafe, Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

 "Peripheral" Solo exhibition; The Goat Gallery, Natimuk - November 2011

 Group Exhibition at the Natimuk Frinj - Skylines Gallery - October 2011

 HAEG Art exhibition, Cygnet, Tasmania - April 2007

 McGregor Prize exhibition, 2 prints highly commended- Toowoomba USQ - 2005

 Java Joes Cafe Gallery, Cains - Prints on Display - 2004

 Open House Private Exhibition, Adelaide - 1998

 Stills Gallery, Norwood, SA - Group exhibition - 1997

 State Library SA - Group Exhibition "Graduating Images" - 1992


Photography Background:

 Certificate in Design & Photography - 1987

 Commercial Black & White Darkroom Technician 1988 - 1992

 Associate Diploma in Commercial & Technical Photography - 1992

 Worked as Photographic assistant at Van Elsen Studios, SA 1995 - 1998

 Managed professional E-6 Photo Lab 1995 - 1998

 Worked as Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Cairns 2000 - 2001

 Left Professional photography to complete a Geographic Science Degree in 2004 and work in Remote Sensing and GIS


From the Exhibition introduction to Peripheral (2011):

This collection of work is the collusion of many elements that continue to inspire me that have combined to create a final image:

Photography utilising exposures that may last many minutes or even hours causes the fleeting and impermanent to disappear. What is left is what endures.

Landscape is something I have always had a passion for in all of its manifestations. Whether the landscape is natural, urban or industrial, the spaces around me are a continual source of inspiration.

Night time depicts the landscape of urban regions at their most integral. With the absence of people and cars and the busy bustling of day life the staid features of streets and buildings are brought to life.

Small Towns possess an enchantment that excites me when I visit them. A sense of nostalgia; as if I am visiting a long forgotten place from the past.